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When Mr. Richard C. Levin, president of Yale University, commented on Chinese Higher Education during the 2011 University President’s Global Forum in Nanjing, he pointed out a few major aspects in the Chinese education system that are in need of further investigation and improvement. One of his observations is that Chinese students are trained to follow teachers’ instructions, answer questions and achieve good examination results; opportunities for students to think, discuss, and defend their own opinions and ideas seem to rarely be given to students.

In our school, we encourage students to think freely and independently, express their thoughts, and respect opinions that are different from their own. In our hope that our students will become the best they can be, we equip them with skills that are simple to list, but not so easy to achieve. The school’s academic aims may be summarized as follows:

•  To stimulate students’ desire for learning

To develop students’ life-long learning abilities

To train students’ logical and critical thinking skills

To help students become fluent in the English language

•  To allow every student to qualify for top universities world-wide