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Guanghua Cambridge International School is a selective school providing paid tuition. We are looking for students who are academically able, with strong will power to succeed and moderate English fluency. We are a fully fledged school in our own right with our own mission statement and educational aims - not a training center that just helps one to get a place in overseas universities.

We accept students mostly from Chinese local schools but we also accept students from schools where international curricula are followed.

After careful analysis and comparison, we have decided that local Junior Three graduates may opt for entry at the PRE level, while the option of direct entry at the AS-level is available only to Senior One or Senior Two students with proven academic capabilities and potential.

There are entrance examinations in April, May and June each year. Students can choose to attend any one of those exam sessions. All candidates will be tested in paper-based Mathematics and English exams, as well as in face-to-face English interviews, with acceptance letters being sent to those students who have successfully scored ‘B’ or above in all subject areas. The purpose of doing so is to ensure all enrolled students have the potential to thrive and can make the most of the international education experiences provided by our school.

We kindly request that all prospective students to Guanghua Cambridge International School follow the application steps below:

Step 1 Attending introductory activities

After making the decision to study abroad, we encourage all prospective students and their parents to attend our introductory course activities to learn more about the education aims, culture and strengths of our school. As there are many alternatives available, parents and students need to find out and select the school that best fits their educational outlook.  More information about our school can also be found on the school’s website: www.ghcis.com.

Step 2 Registration

For candidates with serious interest in applying, the next step is to complete the school application form which can be completed online. It is vital that each candidate specifies their preferred entry examination date and provides reliable personal contact information.

Step 3 Entrance examinations and interview

Students are examined in English and Mathematics. All tests are designed based on both Chinese curriculum and the subject knowledge background needed for A-Level courses. A face-to-face interview will be conducted with all candidates after taking the entry exams. The purpose of the interview is to find out more about the students’ personal qualities and English level.

Step 4 Offer issuance

Students who have successfully scored ‘B’ or above in both subject areas, as well as achieved acceptable interview score, will be sent a formal offer to the mailing address provided.

Step 5 Acceptance of offer

Acceptance details and tuition fees are specified in the formal offer letter. Fees must be paid by a specified deadline to secure a place at our school. When the tuition fees are paid, a welcome package will be sent to the admitted student.