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General Certificate of Education Advanced Level (A Level) is part of the British national curriculum. Just like Chinese Higher Education Entrance Exams, the A-Level certificates form the key part of entry requirements by all of the world’s top Anglophone universities. Good A-Level scores can earn up to one year course credits in many top universities in the US.

Several examination boards provide A-Level qualifications, including OCR, EDEXCEL, AQA, etc. We have chosen to register with Cambridge International Examinations (CIE) to become a Cambridge International School. CIE is part of the Cambridge Assessment Group - the world’s largest provider of international education programmes and qualifications.

CIE offers more than 100 A-Level subjects. With its depth, breath and flexibility of course combinations, A-Levels are widely regarded as the final high school year and university freshman’s courses in comparison with the Chinese national curriculum. However, due to the differences between the Chinese and British education systems, students with outstanding grades can also start A-Level courses directly after finishing their first year in high school. (There are three high school years in China).

A-Level study can be completed in a staged approach. Normally, students complete Advanced Subsidiary Level (AS-Level) at the end of the first year followed by Advanced Level (A2 level) at the end of the second year. Grades obtained from AS-level results make a 50% contribution to the final A-Level results. There are two examination sessions each year. Our students normally sit in the May/June session, with the results released in August. Grade A* is awarded for the highest level of achievement, whereas grade E is the lowest passing grade. Grade ‘U’ means the paper does not meet the minimal requirements of the assessment.

A minimum of grade ‘C’ in three or more A-Level subjects is the common entry requirement for many UK, US and Canadian universities. Many Chinese students have achieved excellent A-Level results and have thus been admitted to leading overseas universities. A-Level has undoubtedly built a bridge that leads Chinese high school students to the world’s first-class universities.