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“Our aim is to encourage, support, and develop each student into a mature, capable, confident, and responsible citizen to enter into today’s global society.”

High school years are full of growth, promise, excitement, frustration, disappointment and hope. It is the time when students begin to discover what the future holds for them. Our guidance office enhances the learning process and promotes academic achievement and the tools essential for students to achieve optimal personal growth, acquire positive social skills and values, set appropriate career goals and realize full academic potential to become productive, contributing members of the world community. 


Guanghua Cambridge International School (GHCIS) Guidance Office provides the following services:

  • Maintaining a repository of information regarding the UK, US and Canadian Higher education systems, application procedures, and admission criteria (academic andnon-academic) to fully assist students in choosing the appropriate higher education institution.

  •  Providing guidance to each student in terms of settinggoals, making career plans, and understanding and acting on their personal strengths and weakness.

  • Collaborating with Teaching, Pastoral care and Admission departments 

  • Liaising with overseas universities and organizations thus promoting the school to a wider international community.

  • Offering specific guidance related to Oxford and Cambridge candidates.

Classroom Guidance 

  • Academic skills support

  • Organization, study, and test-taking skills

  • Post-secondary planning and application process

  • Career planning

  • Education in understanding self and others

  • Career awareness and the world of work

  • Multicultural/diversity awareness

Individual Student Planning

  • Goal setting

  • Academic plans

  • Career plans

  • Education in understanding of self, including strengths and weaknesses

  • Transition plans

The above-mentioned are just a few examples of the much wider spectrum ot tasks carried out by the Guidance office.

The Guidance Office will collaborate with:


  • Academic planning/support 

  • Post-secondary planning 

  • Periodic parent conferencing 


  • Portfolio development, providing recommendations and assisting students with the post-secondary application process 

  • Classroom guidance lessons on post-secondary planning, study skills, career development, etc. 

  • Academic support, learning style assessment and education to help students succeed academically 

  • At-risk student identification and implementation of interventions to enhance success 

Administration (Pastoral Care)

  • School climate/ environment 

  • Academic support interventions 

  • Behavioral management plans 

  • School-wide needs assessments 

  • Data sharing