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The purpose of establishing Guanghua Cambridge International School (GHCIS) was to combine the essence of both Eastern and Western education, providing unique educational experiences that allow students to achieve their full and individual potential, qualifying them for study at prestigious overseas higher education institutions, and preparing them to be world citizens with a global vision whilst also maintaining their Chinese spirit and identity. 

Our School


The school is situated in the north of the city, right by GuoQuan Road metro station (line 10). Due to expansion we now have two sites, which are within a five minute walk of each other. The twin campus site is adjacent to Fudan University, with a direct 5 minute walk to the student dormitory and subway line 10, allowing easy access to all areas of greater Shanghai.  On-site facilities include physics, chemistry and computer labs, art room, student lounge and conference theatre. All classrooms are equipped with a whiteboard and overhead projector. Students also have access to a theatre, track and field for extra-curricular activities.   

Student Body

At the start of the 2017-2018 academic year, GHCIS will have 600 students comprised mostly of 15-18 year old mainland Chinese students from Shanghai and surrounding areas. The school is committed to keeping class sizes manageable for teachers and optimal for student learning. Our current student-teacher ratio is approximately 8:1, with an average class size of 25 students.  Entry to GHCIS is becoming very competitive now - more than 1400 students competed for 220 places in 2017.


For the 2017-2018 academic year, our school will have 111 teaching and administration staff, which includes 24 expatriate teachers and 45 domestic teachers. Many of them have rich experiences in teaching A Level and IGCSE courses, which is reflected in each year's CIE As/A Level results.


 At GHCIS, we prepare students for acceptance into top universities worldwide. We have chosen the world-recognized British GCE A Level education system from Cambridge International Examinations (CIE), which is a part of Cambridge Assessment, a department of the University of Cambridge. 

The reason we offer A Level and IGCSE courses from Cambridge is because CIE programmes and qualifications have a proven reputation for being excellent preparation for university, employment and life. Over 450 US universities accept Cambridge International AS and A Levels, including all Ivy League and Ivy Plus universities. Good grades in carefully chosen Cambridge International A-level subjects can result in up to one year of university course credit. CIE A-level qualifications are also fully recognized by UK universities.

We offer courses in physics, chemistry, maths, further maths, history, geography, psychology, economics and Art.  Students also take English classes, PE and music. The A-level program is a two-year course, with students taking an exam at the end their first year (AS year) and at the end of their second year (A2 year). Although some of our students simply come to GHCIS to do the two-year A-level course, the vast majority of students take part in our pre year and so spend a total of three years at GHCIS. In the pre year, students choose six different subjects to study; maths, English, economics and physics are compulsory. At the end of the pre year, students are encouraged to choose their four best subjects to study at AS/A2 level. 

School calendar

Please see the attached document for important dates throughout the upcoming academic year. Every year the school calendar for the following academic year will be released in May and, once it is released, a copy will be sent to you via email.

Your timetable

Next year’s school timetable is still under construction and cannot be fully completed until we have: 

      1. CIE results for AS students 

      2. Pre students subject choices for their AS studies

      3. AS students subject choices for their A2 studies

Your maximum teaching load will not exceed 20 classes per week; each class is 40 minutes in length. We will give your timetable to you as soon as it is ready.

Visa application

If it is your first time working in China, you need to apply for a Z visa for entry into China. After you arrive in Shanghai, our HR staff will help you to apply for a Foreign Expert Certificate and a Resident Permit; this will complete the whole visa application process. Please see the following procedure for your Z visa application.

Z visa application

Step 1: Please let us know the following information:

         1. City, country and the Chinese Embassy's full name

         2. Your mailing address and phone number for all correspondence

         3. Date/ time you plan to come to Shanghai

         4. If there are any family members coming with you

Step 2:  You need to go to your family doctor to issue a Health Check Report, please ask your doctor to make a statement on the report that "You are fit to work/ in good health". 

Step 3: Please send us these documents electronically: your ID photo, resume, highest degree certificate and passport information page.

Step 4:  Once we receive all the documents/materials mentioned above, we will apply for a Working Permit and an Invitation Letter for you. It will take about two months.

Step 5: Once your Working Permit and Invitation are authorized,  we will send them to you via DHL to the mailing address you gave us.

Step 6:  After you receive the working permit and the invitation, you can go to the designated Chinese embassy and apply for your Z visa. It normally takes approximately 4 days to receive the Z visa.

Foreign Expert Certificate & Residence Permit 

After you arrive in Shanghai, you have to do another health check at the government assigned hospital. Our HR officer will make an appointment for you and go there with you for the check up.

 This health check should be done in the first week. It will take 4 working days to receive the report. As long as the health report is acceptable, we will apply for your Foreign Expert Certificate (FEC), this will normally take two weeks to process.

Once you find an apartment, please go to the nearest police station for registration. You will get a registration form - please give it to our HR immediately. It is very important for your residence permit application.

With your FEC, health report and registration form, you can go to the exit and entry administration bureau and apply for your residence permit. They will take away your passport for 7 working days. Our HR officer will go with you and assist you in every step of the whole process.

Airport pick up

Please inform us of your flight details and arrival time etc.

Our HR officer will meet you at the airport and take you to the hotel. At the airport, the HR office will hold a sign with your name on it.

Hotel accommodation for the first week

The school will pay the hotel cost for your first week in Shanghai, so that you can have time to find suitable accommodation.  If you need more time to search for a good apartment/flat, you need to pay all the hotel bills after the first week.


a) . The school will ask an estate agency to provide a few appropriate flats for you to view on your arrival.

b) . The average monthly rent for a two-bedroom flat will be around RMB 4500 and RMB3500 for a one-bedroom flat, but it can be more depending on the area you choose to live in. Please be aware that in Shanghai it is very normal to pay three months rent plus a one-month deposit in advance. The deposit will be refunded by the landlord after the lease contract is terminated, provided there is no damage to the property by the tenant. You also have to pay commission to the estate agency for helping you to find a property, which will be 35% of one-month’s rent. So we advise you to prepare your finances to meet these needs.

c) . As the school is situated on line 10, many teachers live in different locations at various points along line 10. The French Concession is a popular area, with teachers living near to metro stations like LaoXiMen/ YuYuan/ ShanXiNanLu/ XinTianDi  as it is very convenient to get to work in the morning using line 10 (takes around 20 minutes). Although these areas are closer to nice restaurants/ bars etc. rent is slightly more expensive – it will be around RMB 6000 for a one-bedroom flat. Another popular option is to live in the HongKou area (near to school) and commute to work by bus/ bicycle. This area is cheaper and quieter, but has fewer western amenities.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming you to Shanghai in Aug. 2018. In the meantime, please do get in touch with us if you have any questions.

Guanghua Cambridge International School

Website: www.ghcis.com (CN), www.ghcis-en.com (EN)

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