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  • Does your school have a dress code?

    Yes, we expect all staff members to dress appropriately to work at a school. Denim jackets and t-shirts are not acceptable. 

  • Does your school have an orientation programme?

    For all new expatriate teaching staff, we will provide an induction programme which is divided into two parts. The first part is about gaining an understanding of Chinese culture and the values and ethos of our school, so you will be prepared to make your life in Shanghai more enjoyable. The second part is about working and teaching in our school, including guidelines and policies of our school. Any questions that you may have will be answered during the above sessions.

  • What are the school holidays?

      • Apart from the winter and summer holidays, the school also breaks for all Chinese statutory holidays, which include the following:

      Summer Holiday

      6 weeks, Late June - Mid Aug.

      Winter Holiday

      2.5 weeks in Feb.

      Tomb Sweeping Festival

      1 day in April

      May day Holiday

      1 day - 1st May

      Mid Autumn Festival

      1 day in later Sep or beginning Oct

      National Day

      3 days: 1st – 3rd Oct

      Christmas Day

      3 days

      New Year’s Day

      1 day: 1 Jan.

    • Do I get medical coverage?

      The school will provide medical coverage for you. Insured staff can go to the English speaking departments of all state owned key hospitals in Shanghai. Detailed benefits will be given after the commencement date of your employment.

    • How is the salary paid and what’s the tax rate?

      The monthly salary will be directly deposited into your account at the Bank of China and is comparable to the standard pay scale for teachers. Taxes are approximately 20%, after the first RMB4800 and are taken directly out of your monthly salary. Salary is paid on the first day of the month (for the previous month), and is paid in RMB.

    • How much deposit do I have to pay initially?

      Normally, three months’ rent and one month deposit are required to be paid in advance (in addition, an agent fee would also need to be paid which is usually 1/3 of the monthly rental price). So we advise staff to prepare some funds to cover the initial costs. Unfortunately, these costs are typical of the Shanghai housing market.

    • How much does the accommodation cost in Shanghai?

      The rent varies from location to location. Around our school area, a decent two bedroom flat costs RMB5,000 – 7,000 and the rent for a one bedroom flat will be around RMB5,000 

    • Are you going to help me to find an apartment?

      Yes, upon your arrival, our administration staff will contact the estate agencies, and prepare a list of flats for you to view. Since our school is located at a very popular and easily reached area, once you find a flat you like, a quick decision needs to be made.

    • Do you provide on campus accommodation?

      We don’t provide on campus accommodation. Instead, we give monthly housing allowance in order to allow teacher freedom to choose their living space.

    • Where will I stay after I arrive in Shanghai?

      The school will provide up to one week free accommodation upon your arrival. The hotel will be pre-booked and paid, and one of our local staff will take you to the hotel.

    • Will there be anyone picking me up at the airport?

      Once you give us your flight details and arrival date, we will send a member of staff to meet you at the airport.  

    • Does the school help me to sort out visa issues?

      Yes. You will be advised about how to apply for a visa to enter into China. Once you arrive in Shanghai, our administration staff will ensure you have the valid visa and help you to apply for the Foreign Expert Certificate, to change your visa type to ‘employment’. You just need to follow the instructions given by us and the school will handle the rest.

    • How long is the Contract Length?

      The normal contract length for teachers and staff is one to two years. Two years is preferred to maintain the continuity of the program, and one year contract won’t earn a gratuity bonus.