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Guanghua International School’s Debate teams excelled at three NHSDLC (National High School Debate League of China) Regional Tournaments, namely Shanghai, Guangzhou and Hangzhou Regional Tournaments.271483865.jpg

In the 2017 American Public Forum Debate Shanghai Regional Tournament, Guanghua Debating Club members Alizee Chen and Diana Liu, both from Pre-E, defeated nearly 150 other competitors, each of whom were among the very best teams from their school,to bring back home the Shanghai Regional champion trophy for the first time in Guanghua’s history.


At the same time, Shirley Yu from ASE and Lily Guo from ASG also qualified to the finals, resulting in an unprecedented final round between the Guanghua debaters.  Also, Jacky Xue from Pre-D and William Hou from Pre-E also performed extraordinarily well and qualified to the semifinal round.1605722973.jpg

Shanghai was an especially competitive and prestigious tournament, with a deep and diverse pool of debaters from around Shanghai and the rest of China. Our debaters were so excited to have ‘dominated’ the tournament and it was definitely a milestone in our history.”


“Alizee and Diana have only been trained for 2 months since the very first meeting on 31st October. It kind of came so early in their debating career that I don’t know that I fully appreciated their victory.,” the school’s debating coach Laurence Lee said.2098523430.jpg

GHCIS’ team was equally as successful at the Guangzhou and Hangzhou Regional Tournament, with all our debaters advancing to the elimination rounds in each tournament. Ronnie Zhou from ASD and Jacky Xue from Pre-D were the champions of the Guangzhou tournament and the same Jacky was also a finalist at the Hangzhou Tournament, along with William Hou.


“A lot have gone into wining the tournament. We have had countless hours of research and practice. Despite our strong foundation in the national level, we still strive to better ourselves in every aspect with focus and determination.” Laurence said.

Keep it up, GHCIS!