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The debating club at GCHIS has made teachers and students proud, thanks to its many achievements. Since a few years ago, the debating club has participated in various competitions,and has won lots of awards.

During the first week of the semester,senior members of the debating club arrived at Pudong campus to solicit capable students to join the club. Every student had the opportunity to participate in the preliminary test. The test was divided into two parts. The first part requires students to find out the logical loopholes,which are some misconceptions,according to the given examples. In the second part, possible arguments and rebuttals on both sides should be given on several topics. In order to enter the debating club,students have to come up with serious attitudes, hoping to show their most rigorous thinking and diverse ideas.

The promotion results were released after 2 days, as over 30 students advanced to the final. On the Friday afternoon, all the candidates were ready for going to battle. The final included eight people as a group who debated on different topics, like AI, and life imprisonment. Besides that, additional questions would be given by senior members during debating. The final test involved a brainstorming, that candidate was required to be extremely confident, calm and had to think quick.

I was lucky to be into the final, which means I still remember what the final test was like,almost 20 pairs of eyes staring at you to listen to you opinions. To be honest, I was super nervous at that time. Although I did not enter the debating club at last, the process of striving for the test was excellent.

Through this test, I found that there are many people dozens of times better than me. Great efforts are still necessary for me to improve myself and become better. I will never give up and keep on going!

Finally, congratulations to all new students who entered the debating club.

Let youth glitter in struggling.

Writtenby Mia Liu Yijun (Pre D)

FacultyAdvisor: Mr. Allan Gould

Photographer:Mr. Laurence Lee