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On September 30, 2018, the annual Pre grade parents’ meeting and freshman English story competition kicked off at the theater.  At 1 PM, Mrs Cherry Li, the leader of the Pre year group, announced the official start of the meeting.

At first, Dr.Lei, the principal of Guanghua Cambridge, gave all the students and parents an excellent speech. She explained that since the beginning of the school year, the Pre freshmen have created a good academic atmosphere. Teachers had a high evaluation of this grade, especially the attitude towards learning.

From Dr. Lei’s words, we can learn that the current learning level of Pre grade was about the same as that of last year, and some students’ writing ability is very outstanding this year. In addition, about the report card, Dr. Lei hoped that parents will not just look at the grades, but at the level of effort. In the future, each student’s grades may change. However, attitude is more important. As long as you work hard, you will get good results.

Finally, the story telling competition began. As we all know, the traditional competition in Guanghua is in its sixth year. Every year, new students come up with bold ideas, excellent performance and fluent English. They present perfect programs on the stage in order to win honor for their class. This year has been no exception, with students spending their spare time in the past few weeks, selecting a script to identifying actors, and carefully choosing suitable background music to constantly optimizing the quality of the performance. Obviously, all the teachers and parents were looking forward to this grand performance.

Winston of Pre-A and Christina of Pre-E acted as moderators of this competition. It is hard to imagine that they are the freshmen just entering Guanghua Cambrideg due to their pure pronunciation and confident posture.

From Pre-A to Pre-E, vivid performances were presented on the stage. Parents and teachers were surprised by students’ brilliant abilities. The English teacher Joanna Rogers commended:‘ I enjoyed the process of appreciation. Every actor did a great job in this competition.’ The economics teacher Sachini Tennakoon said: ‘When I was just a child, I loved to listen to my mum’s stories. It is my forth time as a judge in this competition,. It is my honor.’


Dr. Lei said; ‘It is hard to evaluate which class did a better job. The outcome of the competition is not important. It is more meaningful that children can learn something by preparing for the competition.’

I am a student in Pre-D. I still feel happy and proud that my class won the first prize. I agree with- what Dr. Lei has said, the result of the competition is not important; while also we should notice the benefits we gained from the competition. I was impressed by my classmates. The day before the competition, when all the stage properties should have been prepared, props in my class were accidentally thrown away. However, my classmates did not complain about anything, just helped remake the props as soon as possible. I was moved by the unity our class demonstrated. This might be the most valuable outcome of this competition.

Hope this wonderful competition can become a meaningful memory to everyone. At last, thanks to all the students and teachers who have worked for this competition!