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Guanghua Cambridge International School (GHCIS)

Guanghua Cambridge International School (GHCIS) was established in April 2011, and authorized by CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) to offer A-Level and IGCSE courses. The aim of this newly founded institute is to provide unique educational experiences to local Chinese students, to help them grow into the best person they can be, qualify them for entry to esteemed world universities, and become world citizens with Chinese identity and a global vision.


To achieve our goals, we have carefully chosen an internationally acclaimed and academically rigorous curriculum from CIE (Cambridge International Examinations) known as A-Level. A-Level is widely regarded as the most rewarding international curriculum for Chinese local students largely because of its flexibility in course selection. Among all the A-Level courses offered, students can choose 3-4 subjects to study based on their academic strengths and interests, and any combination of subjects is acceptable. Furthermore, due to the similarities in curriculum content and assessment schemes, a well-educated local Chinese student will not have a difficult task excelling in many A-Level examinations. Undoubtedly, A-level has provided an excellent opportunity for Chinese students to excel on the world stage. 

School Life 

The requirements for entry into an overseas university differ greatly to those of a Chinese university. Academic excellence has become just part of the admission criteria, as foreign universities are looking for more in terms of skills and personal qualities. To name a few, universities are looking for academic motivation, leadership skills, contribution to society, a sense of responsibility/maturity and handling difficult circumstances. Alongside our pursuit of academic excellence, we strongly encourage students to explore and develop their talents in sports, music and any other areas they are interested in. The school is also researching various types of extra-curricular programmes to further enrich students’ life in school.

Teaching and Admin staff 

We feel fortunate and proud that Shanghai Guanghua Cambridge International School boasts a very capable and experienced teaching and administration team. This dynamic team consists of dedicated professionals from both China and foreign countries such as the UK, US and Australia. The majority of our staff have several years  experience working in the field of international education, and have the common objective of providing a student-centered, high quality international education, and preparing students not just for university but more importantly - for life beyond secondary school.  One of the biggest advantages of our teaching team is its cultural diversity, which we welcome and appreciate.

For each subject group, we have a wonderful mix of expatriate and local staff, each teaching independently, yet successfully cooperating to maximize classroom learning. At GHCIS, Western and Eastern educational ethos and teaching methodology are utilised to keep Chinese and Western values in symbiosis both in and outside of class. It is this desirable cultural attribute which distinguishes our school from many traditional international schools or local Chinese schools. While students are exposed to this culturally diversified living and learning environment, they will also learn to be confident and open-minded towards the outside world, while still maintaining a firm grip on their beliefs and Chinese ethical values. 

Guidance for University 

Since all students admitted to our school have aspirations of furthering their education abroad, it can be a daunting task for many Chinese parents and students to complete the university search and application process on their own. Therefore, we have dedicated considerable resources to establish a Guidance Office in our school as an indispensible part of the school organization, which again consists of local and expatriate staff.

This office provides guidance and counseling service regarding various aspects of university application. School counselors carry out a wide range of roles. Some of those are: 

  • Delivering lessons and talks independent from the A-Level classes including lectures about admission systems in popular destination countries

  • Informing students about admission criteria and reviewing profiles of applicants who were previously admitted to top universities

  • Reminding students about application deadlines, tracking the application process and even checking their visa application documents, etc. 

When students choose a school like us, they are in very capable hands as we guide them and provide assistance in all aspects to ensure entry into top universities.