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  • Vacancies for Aug. 2018

    According to next year’s school development plan, we are hoping to fill the vacancies mentioned below, which will be available from Aug 2018. The hiring process will start from Nov. 2018. For informal inquiries, please contact Ms. Hannah Beasley (hbeasley@ghedu.com) who will be dealing with recruitment of foreign staff for the academic year 2018/2019.


    No of Vacancies

    Teachers of Economics


    Teacher of Psychology


    Teacher of Physics


    Teacher of Geography


    Teacher of History


  • Application Process

    It’s strongly recommended to view the relevant sections of our school website before applying. Once you have decided to make a formal application, please follow the steps given below:

    1. Download and fill in the electronic version of application form. 

    2.  Send it together with your résumé/CV, plus a cover letter telling us why you feel that you would fit into our school. Email uses a subject line “Applying for XXXX teaching position” and send to    jobs@ghedu.com. 

    3.  Upon receiving the aforementioned documents, we will review and shortlist the candidates. 

    4.  For those shortlisted candidates, we will send you an email to arrange an appropriate time for a telephone interview. 

    5.  For those candidates not shortlisted, no acknowledgement will be sent on receipt of completed application forms.

    6.  If we are satisfied with your academic background and teaching experience, we will ask your permission to contact two of those named as referees on your resume/CV.

    7.  For candidates currently living in China, we will request that you come to our school and present a 40-minute demonstration lesson; for overseas candidates, a SKYPE demo will be arranged.

    8.  An offer letter stating the remuneration package, contract, commencement date and other relevant information and documents will be sent to successful candidates.

    9.  Upon receiving the offer letter, candidate needs to inform us about their decision whether to accept or decline our offer within the specified time frame.

    10.  Once the offer has been accepted, we will advise you about visa issues and make appropriate arrangements for your arrival. 

  • Application Form (download)
  • Remuneration Package

    For successful candidates, the school will provide competitive remuneration package, which include:

    1.  Starting salary: all depends on the teacher’s academic qualifications and a number of years of relatable teaching experience.

    2.  For Newly Qualified Teachers: the entry point ranges from RMB16,000 - RMB18,000 (taxable), plus RMB7,000 (net) housing allowance per month.

    3.  For teachers who have three or more years' experiences in the relevant subject areas, salary will be in the range of RMB19,000 - RMB23,000 (taxable)., plus RMB7,000(net) housing allowance.

    4. Completion bonus for a two year contract, which is equivalent to one month salary (excluding housing allowance).

    5.  Annual reimbursement for round trip airfare economy class up to a maximum of RMB 8,000 between your home country residence and Shanghai

    6.  Up to one week free accommodation upon initial arrival into China

    7.  Medical Insurance

    8.  Paid Chinese Statutory Holidays

    9. Paid mandatory health check (on arrival in China) and all visa extension fee 

  • Person specification

    GHCIS could be an attractive option for you if you:

      *  Hold a valid degree in the relevant subject area and can demonstrate excellence and expertise in your specialist area

      *  Are a qualified teacher

      *  Have relevant teaching experience

      *  Welcome cultural diversity; appreciate different thinking between Easterners and Westerners

      *  Would like to have a unique teaching experience with well-behaved Chinese students

      *  Are a committed educator and passionate teacher

      *  Care for students and put students at the centre of everything

  • Job description

    A teacher in Guanghua Cambridge International School always aims for the highest standards of professionalism both as a teacher and a team member of our staff.

    Although this job description is not exhaustive, subject teachers will be responsible for the following: 

    • Having a general lesson plan for all lessons. The plan should be based on the published Scheme of Work and include lesson objectives, teaching methodology and homework details.

    • Teaching strictly to the CIE syllabus for each subject (please see course details on www.cie.org.uk). Teachers should use the course book adopted by the school for each course, and supplement with any suitable resources/ materials when necessary.

    • Becoming familiar with the programs and courses of study used at the school to ensure the teaching quality.

    • Assigning homework, periodic tests, and providing clear and actionable feedback in a timely manner. 

    • Preparing school reports twice each term: once at the mid-term and another in the end of the term. School report preparation includes students’ individual test/exam scores or grades with teacher’s comments on student’s general performance, effort level, strengths, and areas for concern. 

    • Meeting with parents to discuss students’ progress according to the school’s arrangements. Those meetings are occasionally held after school hours or during the weekends.

    • Promoting and adhering to school policies, such as uniform, classroom rules and other disciplinary policies.

    • Recording attendance at lessons, and finding ways to investigate absence; report prolonged or regular absence to class supervisors.

    • Participating in and/or help to organize extracurricular activities

    • Being observed by the Academic Director, Subject coordinator and/or designated personnel for evaluation purposes and to get support, encouragement and feedback for teaching. 

    • Following a set timetable for classes. Personal arrangements for replacements and switching classes are not allowed without management’s consent.

    • Regularly evaluating his/her own performance and progress.

    • Providing useful suggestions to students regarding their University entry requirements and write recommendation letters when required.