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Guanghua Cambridge InternationalSchool (GHCIS) has just celebrated its sixth anniversary. When it was founded, no one knew for sure wherethis new school was heading but our driving force at that time were our dreams,passion and self-confidence. I believed that, with the team wehad, we could build a reputable A-Level school - a school that could provide a high-qualityblend of Eastern and Western education philosophy and practices to successfullyaccommodate individual students’ learning needs and help all students to becomethe best version of themselves.

Six years on, our journey has beensmooth, but our achievements have not come without lots of hard work. We havehad 5 graduations seeing off a total of 415 graduates, all of whom are now studyingat world-renowned universities. Parents have felt extremely grateful to ourschool not only because we have sent their well-rounded and gifted students tothe very top universities of the world, but most importantly, because we also gatheredstudents who had previously been considered “average” and “ordinary” andthrough believing in them and reshaping their attitude towards learning, wemade them fully aware of their ability and responsibility thus giving them theself-confidence necessary to realize their full potential.


Our students’ academic achievementsfill us with pride. In the past few years, over 70% have achieved "A/A*" grade inA-level Math and AS-level Chemistry. Over 70% have achieved "A" in AS-Physics,while more than 50% achieved an "A" in AS-Economics. There have beensix students who have scored the highest in AS-level English literature,Mathematics, Physics and Further Mathematics. The GHCIS team was also rankedNo. 1 in Shanghai and No. 2 in China during the 2016 AAPT Physics Bowl, whilethere are 20 students currently studying in Oxford / Cambridge and 40 in ImperialCollege London. When considering the academic abilities of our first few years'intake, we have really achieved miraculous results!

Learning does not only happen in theclassroom. Many of our staff dedicate their spare time to various after-school activitiesand clubs. There are more than 20 student-led clubs with our debate team winningthe 2015 National Hangzhou Regional Tournament Championship. It is worthmentioning that GHCIS was also awarded 2nd prize in the 2016 East China ShakespeareFestival. Our school is not only a place for students to study, but also tolearn and grow.

The highly competitive nature ofour annual student admission process is a true testament to the vastly-growingpopularity of Guanghua Cambridge International School. For example, this yearthere were more than 1400 students competing for 220 places. GHCIS is not aschool with state-of-the-art facilities, nor is it a school with rich history. Parentsput their children’s academic future in our hands because of our dedication toteaching and commitment to education.  

GHCIS is going to have 640 studentsand nearly 100 teaching and administrative staff as of September 2017. The majorityof us have been working here for several years, though some have just joinedthis year. We don’t tend to dwell on our high achievements for long. Each year,we are at a new starting point and ready to face different challenges. Only ifwe stick to our principles, which are a passion for education, sheerperseverance for ensuring each student’s success and continuousself-improvement, can we guarantee sustainable growth in GHCIS.


Chinese education is undergoing furtherreforming and the government has given so much space and freedom to privately-ownedorganisations to create various alternatives to the state educational system.What GHCIS is doing, is not just simply offering an academic curriculum fromCambridge, but implementing a Chinese-student centred teaching methodology andeducational philosophy. We would like to become a pioneer school in which westrive to search and pave a silk road between Eastern and Western education.




Guanghua Cambridge InternationalSchool (GHCIS)